A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos

A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos, produces, produces and markets its own extra virgin olive oil 100% Picual olive juice.
The collection of the Picual variety on the farm is early. At the beginning of November, in order to obtain the fruit at its optimum ripeness.
The olive is cold-milled through exclusively mechanical procedures and with subsequent decanting in the mill.
After that, Olivapalacios oil is subjected to a rigorous analytical control in the laboratory.






A premium oil: Palacios de los Olivos.

Each type of product requires different treatment and packaging processes, but in each case, Olivapalacios always adopts as a guide its desire to offer exclusive oils.

To achieve them, the company has incorporated the most modern technology into its production chain with the aim of putting it at the service of tradition and excellence.

In the same way, there is no need for long transport and storage processes that tend to reduce the quality of the product.

Invests regularly in new technologies as guarantors of quality.
In fact. It was one of the first factories in the olive sector to adopt tank inertization, sterilization processes and computer control procedures.

Elaboration and Trademarks

A process of own elaboration that results in two brands: Palacio de los Olivos and Motilla de los Palacios.
Extra virgin olive oils, of superior quality, which have managed to open their own space in the conquest of the market.
Raúl and Daniel Mora, are the architects of this exceptional Manchego oil, with more than 20 international awards in 2017, the world number one in the Picual variety, in the ranking of international awards.
As an exceptional spectator I attended the principle of “veraison”, which is when the olives acquire that yellowish green and start to have reddish / purple spots, it is the optimum moment of maturation to start the olive harvest.
Point at which “polyphenols (antioxidants) are placed at the highest values, affecting more fruity sensory attributes and greater health benefits”, explains Raúl Mora, manager of Palacio de Los Olivos.

Supreme Quality A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos

As every year, this family company dedicated to the production, processing and bottling of 100% extra virgin olive oil, collects its more than 50,000 olive trees of the Picual variety, from which one million kilos of olives will be collected.
Although Andalusia is the main bastion producer of Spanish olive oil, with 85% nationally and 32% worldwide, this EVOO from La Mancha is one of the most awarded in the world and the best in the picual variety.
In addition, it has an SIQUEV Extra quality seal (which requires the highest quality standards of EVOO).


An early collection is carried out, for about 60 people, always directly from the tree, cold grinding by exclusively mechanical procedures that do not damage the olive tree, guaranteeing an authentic olive juice full of its most precious attributes.
The olives are placed in meshes, avoiding contact with the soil and impurities that could damage the fruit to be transported in stainless steel trailers to the mill, where they will arrive in a time not exceeding two hours after collection.

Oil Manchego

This oil is born in Campo de Calatrava, in the Finca Los Palacios of 210 hectares of volcanic origin, which together with Olot (Gerona) and Cabo de Gata (Almería).  Is one of the three areas of recent volcanism. important of the Iberian Peninsula.

A land rich in nutrients that will provide sustenance for the 70,000 new Picual and Arbequina olive trees that will begin production next season.

One of the concerns that these two brothers have when it comes to making their oil is that the fruit arrives in the best conditions to obtain an oil of supreme quality as EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.

Once in the mill, the olive begins its journey through the food rubber conveyor belts to the different processes. Guided by Raúl and Daniel Mora- who made authentic cicerones explaining the process with all kinds of details.

Extreme Cleaning A premium oil: Palacio de Los Olivos

Something that caught my attention was the cleanliness that was in all its facilities. Both at field level and in the warehouses and in the oil mill. This, in my opinion, denotes the neatness with which this peculiar oil is made.
The cleaning process is exhaustive to eliminate any type of impurity.
The leaves and branches will serve for livestock avoiding that nothing is wasted.
Next, you go through the process of grinding and shaking. The olive is milled to get a dough, which is then passed to a blender where it is homogenized.
Arriving at the Extraction process, a machine called Decanter centrifuges oil from vegetation water and solid waste. The pulp and the bone, which will serve as fuel, called pomace.

Extra Virgin Oil

The resulting oil is sent to a vertical centrifuge that removes particles in suspension.
All the extra virgin olive oil 100% olive juice obtained by this mill in La Mancha.  Is stored in tanks inert with food nitrogen and kept at a constant temperature.
In addition, it is subjected to a rigorous analytical control by approved collaborating laboratories.
It is an oil of the Picual olive variety. Through the sight but especially in the mouth its great personality is appreciated.
It presents a very defined sensory nuances that make it easily identifiable in the set of monovarietal oils.

Oil characteristics

It is a very fruity, fragrant oil with positive notes of bitter and spicy.
Its specific descriptors are the green aroma with fig, fresh grass and tomato flavor. With touches of almond, banana and apple among others.
Bitterness and itching are two positive attributes of extra virgin olive oil obtained by cold extraction.
They stand out in the oils of early harvest and in certain varieties. So they should not be considered defects, but rather virtues of the EVOO that differentiate it from a virgin oil.

Powerful oil

This type of oil has a high content of polyphenols.
Powerful antioxidants that help prevent the oxidation of fats in our blood, and the formation of atheroma plaques in the vessels
Also in oleic acid, beneficial on cardiovascular and liver health, and in Oleocanthal, a very powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent.
In addition, its intrinsic composition is especially balanced, with a high content of oleic acid.
It also has monounsaturated fatty acid of high nutritional interest. A low content of linoleic acid, and a high level tocopherols (vitamin E).
This excellent composition in the different compounds gives it a very high resistance to oxidation. Being able to overcome the two years maintaining its characteristics, in adequate conditions of conservation.

Article written by Ángel Marqués Ávila. Journalist.

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