Flavors of yesteryear and TODAY

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Flavors of yesteryear and  TODAY. In the so-called “Huerta de España”; logically I am referring to the Community of Murcia, has its headquarters, and specifically in the town of El Mirador, San Javier, the company LA VEGA DEL MAR MENOR. Currently directed by its founder Eugenio Jiménez.

Flavors of yesteryear and TODAY.

Flavors of yesteryear and TODAY

The idea of ​​forming this company arose in this Murcian family in the year 2000.

Homemade food dishes

And the reason tells us, its ideologist and founder is:
“Realize that almost everything that his friends ate came from other countries.”
The food was frozen and industrial. Seeing their pantries and refrigerators, they noticed that they were full of products from outside our borders.
Luckily at home, he tells us the philosophy was different. The kitchen has always been a very active place and we ate homemade dishes cooked with ingredients from the family garden.
My mother made some delicious roasted peppers that barely reached from the oven to the table.
They were real delicacies and we thought that just as we could eat like this, we could also give more people the possibility of eating something so delicious and above all homemade.

The idea

Here came the idea of ​​making a preserved as always, from natural products of our region.
Even as children, we had learned how to make preserves of all kinds.
My grandmother María who ran the restaurant “El Empalme”, ​​in the Empalme de Archena (Murcia), went to the village factory to make fruit, olives and tomato preserves in order to give her customers and family the best food.

Along with their recipes and those of our mother we made a catalog of preserves and jams. Based on native products of the area, thus preserving the family tradition and sharing it.


Currently more than 60% of the production of the preserves of this company comes from the garden of his grandfather Jesus.
Of the fields of fruit and vegetables, bathed by the Sun that reigns in the area.
This makes the peppers have that special color as well as the maturity that this climate gives to the dates and at the same time serves to enrich the cauliflowers and oranges, of this privileged area of Spain, which only needs to have a little more water to be a real orchard.


Melon jam
Melon jam

In P. LISTO “, the name with which I market the products of this family business, handcrafts all kinds of fruits, vegetables and vegetables to offer a wide selection of preserves and jams.
In these seventeen years in the market this company has managed to grow dramatically thanks to its new varieties inspired by creating flavors that please the palate in a healthy and natural way.
Knowing them, one understands the illusion that this family conveys that is reflected in their products full of tradition fused with the adaptation to the new demands that the clients propose to give them the possibility of enjoying something exquisite at their table.

The jams

All their jams are made with totally natural ingredients:
• with 59% fruit
• 39% sugar
depending on the type of fruit or vegetable, sugar is added or not.
Bearing in mind that in order to be marmalade it must have more than 40º brix, then only what is needed to complete the marmalade making process is added.
Of apple pectin, (totally natural thickener extracted from the apple), and citric acid, a very small amount is added depending on the type of jam that is.
The result on the palate is, in my opinion, excellent, since sugar is hardly noticeable.

Raspberry marmalade
Raspberry marmalade


Both the preserved peppers, as well as the jams and vegetables after their packaging processes, are sterilized at a temperature higher than 110º centigrade.
Which ensures its perfect conservation in the four years they have expiration, as long as they do not suffer blows.

ELABORATION. Flavors of yesteryear and TODAY

We are a totally family business, which gives priority to natural foods, as our main rule.
We move through the seasons of the fruit which we only elaborate on their dates.
They should know that some of the references are sold out from season to season.
Their jams are ideal for breakfasts, sauces and garnishes.
We produce classic flavors such as strawberry or tomato jam. Based on traditional recipes that have passed from hand to hand over the years.
But we also bet on innovation and creativity developing our products specially conceived for a modern and exquisite kitchen.
Jams of wine, flower petals, beer, pepper and other delicacies that accompany the delights of cheeses, meats and fish.
We offer you some ideas in our recipe section.


La Vega del Mar Menor, s.l. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund.
Its objective is to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which has launched an Internationalization Plan with the aim of improving its competitive position abroad during the year 2017.
For this, it has had the support of the XPANDE Program of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain and Murcia.


MARMALADES AND PRESERVES LA VEGA DEL MAR MENOR (P. READY): has participated in the Commercial Mission to Canada, in 2015.
Organized by the Institute of Development of the Region of Murcia,
and co-financed by the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER) and the Institute for Development of the Region of Murcia.
JAMS AND PRESERVES LA VEGA DEL MAR MENOR (P. READY), participated in the Commercial Mission to the USA. in 2017
It has the support of INFO, as well as the co-financing of FEDER funds.
Contributing according to the measure of the same, to the economic growth of this company, its region and Spain as a whole.
Article written by: Ángel Marqués de Avila. Gastronomic journalist.

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