Take the wine where you go.

Take the wine where you go. What wine lover would not like to carry a little wine with them wherever they go.
Today there are different ways to carry a little wine, easily and comfortably when you go out.
Since ancient times, there have been different ways of transporting wine in a particular way.

Take the wine where you go.






Take the wine where you go


In the past, wine was transported on tanned and treated skins, which, at the same time as being used to transport the liquid, were used for storage or conservation.
They were called “skins” and their use was common in any wine region for the transfer of wine from one place to another.
Later the barrels(casks) appeared, for the transport and supply of the wine. With capacity for 190, 225,250,300, 400, 500 and 650 liters. The most common barrel has been and still is the 225 liter barrel.
Do not confuse the barrel, with the vats or vats. The vats are the largest of all, it does not have the oval shape that the common barrel usually has. Another day we will talk about barrels and vats, and their composition and materials used in their construction.
The use of barrels and vats is focused on large-scale storage and transfer.

The most used media

In the current era, the most used means of transport has been the glass bottle with a cork stopper. The reason for using the cork as a stopper is based on the fact that it is a porous material, and that it closes hermetically by pressure and prevents the entry of air into the bottle. Which could cause oxidation of the wine.
This medium today, due to the evolution of technology, is beginning to be replaced by other more widely practiced containers.

The future of wine packaging

bag in box

Take the wine where you go.

Without forgetting that the quintessential wine container is the glass bottle, today we already have new materials for storing and transporting wine.
One of these containers is the Bag in box, a cardboard container covered in aluminum, which incorporates a tap, which allows us to dose the amount we want to serve.
The level of capacity can vary, the most used being those of 3, 5 and 15 liters.

Tetra brik (Carton)

With the same philosophy as the bag in box, but with a smaller capacity, we have the tetra brik. Normally they are capacities of 250 and 1000 cc(1 L). It is preferably used for low-cost young wines. These last 250cc containers are preferably used for individual use.

The can

Possibly the last container to appear in the wine market has been the can. With a 330 cc format, whose purpose is to bring wine closer to another type of public (young people) and facilitate another type of consumption.

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