The wine to accompany the salmon this Christmas.

The wine to accompany the salmon this Christmas. When thinking about a wine for Christmas meals, we should also think about what kind of food we are going to put.
Depending on the chosen meal, we will think of one wine or another. There are wines that combine better with meats, others with fish, and others depending on the type of food combination.
Everyone knows that red wine goes better with meats, and white wines with fish. But there are also rosés that fit perfectly, in these celebratory meals.

wine to accompany salmon

The wine to accompany the salmon this Christmas.

The salmon

If we have decided on a meal with salmon, we must take into account its characteristics.
Salmon is a fatty fish, and therefore should be taken into consideration when cooking.

Wines of Sauvignon Blanc

If we have cooked it over a low heat, the fish will have a softer texture and therefore it needs to be accompanied with a wine made with sauvignon blanc grapes that will enhance the flavor of the fish. Some wines elaborated with this grape are:

Viña Jilguero
Pirineos Blanco
Nube Leza García viura- sauvignon

Pinot Noir wines

If the salmon is going to be cooked on the grill (cooked fast) or grilled, we should think of wines that have few tannins. In this case the wines of the Pinot Noir grape perfectly fulfill this condition, since they will not hide the flavor of the salmon. Here are some examples of these wines or cavas:

 Somos Varietales white
Viñas del Vero Pinot Noir
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

Pink wines

Now and we are going to take smoked salmon, we should think of rosé wines, which go very well. Any ideas:
Care Solidarity Rose
Enate Rosado
Pago de Cirsus Gran Cuvee Special.

Chardonnay wines

But if we are going to cook the salmon in the Asian style, we should think of wines that are stronger, which go better with strong flavors than with soft flavors. The flavor cooked in the Asian style, enhances the strong flavor of the salmon. We are talking about white wines made with chardonnay grapes. Some examples:

Anayon Chardonnay
Viña Zorzal Chardonnay
Sueños by Obergo
Uberzo Chardonnay Organic

Red wines

For those who love red and also salmon, there are also combinations. When the salmon is accompanied with sauces, spices or spicy, it is better to think of a soft red wine to accompany that meal. In this case we can talk about wines such as:
Heredad H
Flor de Nieve Tinto
Beso de Vino Syrah
Vilicus Crianza


The way to cook and take the salmon, will be of the utmost importance to choose the wine that accompanies the meal.
Therefore, this marvelous fish called salmon can be taken with any type of wine.

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