Beer or Wine, what is appropriate for each situation?

Beer or Wine, what is appropriate for each situation?.  If we leave out the subject of alcohol graduation, the situations in which to drink wine or beer can be different.

beer or wine

Beer or Wine, what is appropriate for each situation?

The wine

Being a drink with a graduation between 8º and 16º its consumption can be typified in cold situations, or at rest.
In winter, it is better to drink non-cold drinks in order to warm up quickly.

The wine with its alcohol content, accompanies more for these situations.
It is also an ideal companion for meals, both red and white wines, depending on the type of food we take:
– meats and stews: red wines
– fish and seafood: white wines
– salads and rice dishes: white wines
The rosé wine is used more for tapas, when we do not want to drink beer.
Situations where it is most common to drink wine is:
– The appetizer
– In the afternoon tapas
– During the meal
– In the kitchen as a condiment
In addition, there are situations conducive to wine such as:
– Events and celebrations
– As a gift
The benefits of drinking wine are well demonstrated as long as it is taken in moderation.


Being a beverage that contains carbon dioxide, we must know that your drink will produce a feeling of filling and possible gas in the stomach.
Also keep in mind that beer is drunk cold, and therefore you want to drink more in hot weather.
It usually takes a lot as an appetizer or tapas, although as the tastes are personal wine is also used for tapas.
We can say that the situations where it is more common to drink beer is:
– The appetizer
– On the tapas
– Before a meal
– In the kitchen as a condiment

Conclusions. Beer or Wine

The situations of drinking wine are greater than those of drinking beer, but let’s not forget that wine can reach 17º, while beers usually have 6º, and when it comes to drinking we have to take it into account.

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